Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bette Davis Under the Stars

If you've got Turner Classic Movies and you're staying in because of the heat check out the afternoon of Bette Davis movies. They are showing some of her earlier films like Marked Woman and Three on a Match as a part of their Summer Under the Stars festival.

The schedule of Bette Davis films got me thinkning about some little seen moments of the great Ms. Davis. Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.

Bette on Hollywood Palace 1965

BD on What's My Line 1960

BD on I've Got A Secret 1964

I love how she lights up around minute 6. Classic.

BD on the Dick Cavett Show 1975

PS - The actor with the ugly kind of mouth was Edward G. Robinson


  1. These are great! I saw most of the Cavett interview yesterday. Super stuff! How did you know the "ugly mouth" was Robinson? Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hey Rupert, Bette mentions it in one of her autobiographies. I believe it was "This n' That" (1987).