Tuesday, August 11, 2009

With Family Like This . . .

The movies are filled with conniving sisters that work to undermine and destroy the lives of loved ones and family members. These lovely terrors are often the family favorite and usually begin the film as the apple of their over indulgent and oblivious family's eyes. If they aren't too terrible and if they don't cause too much havoc in the end they will get some sort of comeuppance and learn from their mistakes. However, if they choose to continue with their evil ways up until the end they usually end up in the slammer or worse - six feet under.

Name: "Baby" Jane Hudson (Bette Davis)
Film: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Who She Wronged: Blanche Hudson, her sister
What she did: Abuses and torments her wheelchair bound sister. Kills Blanche's parakeet and serves it to her on a plate. Kills a rat and serves it to her on a plate. Kills loyal maid Elvira with a hammer (does not serve her on a plate)- well, Elvira was loyal only to Blanche so that's why she got it.
Her Fate: Most probably institutionalized. Jane was a nut case, no doubt about that.
Important Lesson: If you are paralyzed and your sister shows signs of severe mental illness do not wait around for her to kill your parakeet before you take action.

Name: Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney)
Film: Leave Her to Heaven
Who She Wronged: Who didn't she wrong
What She Did: Kills her new husband's polio stricken little brother. She coldly watches the young boy drown a few feet away from her as she sits in a row boat (See photo above). Throws herself down the stairs to induce a miscarriage. Kills herself but makes it look like a murder in order to frame her husband.
Her Fate: Death. She kills herself.
Important Lessons: Do not dedicate your novel to your wife's sister especially if your wife is insanely jealous because that might just push her over the edge. . . edge being murder/suicide.

Name: Veda Pierce (Ann Blyth)
Film: Mildred Pierce
Who She Wronged: Her overly indulgent mother, Mildred.
What She Did: Hated her mother's pies. Even though her mother becomes a business tycoon through owning a chain of restaurants Veda looks down on her as a glorified waitress. She secretly marries and falsely claims to be pregnant then negotiates a huge settlement after an annulment. Seduces, beds and murders her mother's playboy husband and lets her mother try to take the blame for it.
Her fate: Hmm... California judicial system in the 1930s and 1940s. . .I'm thinking she got the chair.
Lessons: Do not take a murder rap for a spoiled brat daughter if you do she will never learn.

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