Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Burning for You

In my quest to find obscure 1930s musical numbers, I came across this little ditty called I'm Burning for You.

There is a lot packed into this 3minute clip from the movie Hot Saturday (1932). This pre-code confection stars Nancy Carroll as Ruth Brock, the most popular girl in Maryville, who has been rumored to be fast and loose.  But it's only a rumor. Ruth just likes to flirt and have good clean fun and she leaves the boys who expect her to put out cold. But one cad, not happy with Ruth's flirting and her truly good girl character, spreads a vicious rumor around town that destroys her reputation all on one hot Saturday night.

Here all the wonderful things to love about this:

1. The girl in the checkered hat and neckerchief that coordinates so lovely with the Willow Springs table clothes. She clearly wants to get up and dance look at the way she is wiggling around in that seat.

 2. White picket fence surrounding the dance floor. Who doesn't love a white picket fence...indoors or out.

3. The array of beautiful hats dressing the heads of most of the women on the dance floor. 

4. Mr. White suit. He sure is having a swell time isn't he?

5. The not so subtle innuendo in the lyrics of the song I'm Burning for You. By the way the singer is caressing herself it's not secret where she is burning the hottest.

6. The strategically placed lights on the dance floor...wink wink...

And let's not forget the fact that everyone on that dance floor is well dressed and a phenomenal dancer...ah, the 1930s....

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  1. Man in white suit is Eddie Woods who got
    machined gunned to death while walking down the street with his brother (Jimmy Cagney
    in Public Enemy a year earlier. The lights in the floor were there to determine how much underwear the young lady was wearing. The more "leg" showing, the less or no undies.