Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great Musical Scenes from Non Musicals II

The ongoing list of great musical scenes from non musicals continues. . .

Picnic (1955)

I do agree that one person's idea of sexy can be another person's milquetoast but this moment with Kim Novak and William Holden is both sexy and romantic. Sure, Holden looks a little stiff and a little old but that's ok because Novak is has enough smoldering sex appeal for the both of them. Plus, the entire setting is just so lush how could you not fall in love with in the soft glow of those paper lanterns. . .

Criss Cross

Yvonne DeCarlo and Tony Curtis in a hot number from the noir thriller Criss Cross. Everything about this scene vibes HOT. I love the way Burt Lancaster looks down at Decarlo as she shakes it. We know just as well as Lancaster that no good can come from any of this and even the music has a sexy and slightly sinister tone warning him to stay away. But this is a noir so Cherchez la femme. . .

Written on The Wind

Dig Dorothy Malone's far out dance in an Oscar award winning role from Written on the Wind. Douglas Sirk was a master of melodrama and this dance number gives us all of Marylee's alcoholic psycho sexual nymphomania summed up in shimmies and hips swivels. As she grooves to a latin tinged version of Temptation her dear old dad drops dead. He knows his daughter is a hussy and so does everyone else in the place.

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