Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charleston. . .Charleston

What is it about the flapper that just makes me want to bob my hair and dance around my room like a carefree wild child. Watching videos of long dead young women dancing without abandon to the newest craze circa 1920 is beyond inspiring. True, not every women in the 1920s was a jazz baby or hot sheba but the ones that were somehow were in tune with the new modern age that was being born right there in front of them.

My favorite flapper however is a slightly more sanitized dame named Babe Doolittle from a 1947 technicolor confection called Good News. Hands down Good News is my favorite MGM musical. Sure, it stars Peter Lawford and June Allyson (no Fred and Ginger) but in this film about college life in the roaring twenties they are well cast and enjoyable to watch.

Good News also has the honor of including on of my top MGM dance numbers of all time - Joan McCracken and Ray McDonald dancing to Pass that Peace Pipe. Unfortunately, I can't find a clip of the number anywhere online so I will have to upload it myself. But, until then, I can show you the other top number in the musical a feel good finale called the Varsity Drag.

Click here to watch the Varsity Drag

If only all college dances could have been as swell as this. . . .sigh. . . to live in a musical. . . I think I feel a song coming on. . . .

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